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Museo del mare

Museo del mare
Via Campo Marzio 5 Trieste
34100 Trieste
+39 040 30 48 85 / +39 040 30 49 87
The Civic Museum of the Sea, due to the richness of its collections, is one of the most important of its kind, in Italy and in the Mediterranean area. It boasts a collection of models that have contributed to the history of navigation: from boats dug out from tree trunks, Roman triremes, Venetian galleys, Christopher Columbus’s caravels, galleons, sailing ships, brigantines and frigates, to the vessels of Trieste’s Navy dating back to the 1800s, Lloyd Triestino steamers, hospital ships and sailing yachts. The rooms dedicated to great figures and unique events are amongst the most interesting. For example, the room dedicated to Marconi, in which visitors can admire the model of the ship Elettra, from which the first wireless telegraph message was transmitted (the telegraph key is among the exhibits), and the room dedicated to the inventor of the propeller, Ressel. A section of the museum is reserved to fishing in the Adriatic Sea, another to navigation with mechanical engines.