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Museo Sveviano

Museo Sveviano
via Madonna del Mare
34100 Trieste
+39 040 675 8170 / +39 040 675 8182
The Museum is a collection of the memorabilia and the works of the writer Italo Svevo that survived the bombing of his villa, in 1945. Among them, his bookcase containing some personal volumes, his gold pen, his violin, his archive containing the original manuscripts of his stories, essays and plays, family photographs, his correspondence with the likes of Joyce, Montale, André Gide, Prezzolini, Comisso, and hundreds of letters to his wife Livia Veneziani. The Museum also houses a library that is constantly updated with new editions of Svevo’s works – in the original language and various translations – and contains the world’s largest collection of literary critiques of Svevo. Every year, on 19 December, the Museum celebrates the anniversary of the writer’s birth with an event entitled Buon Compleanno Svevo (Happy Birthday, Svevo).