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Museo Joyciano

Museo Joyciano
via Madonna del Mare 13, Trieste - 2° Piano
34100 Trieste
+39 040 675 8170 / +39 040 675 8182
Inaugurated exactly a century after the day James Joyce arrived in Trieste with Nora Barnacle, on 20 October 1904, the Joyce Museum is a place where visitors can find all sorts of information and material relevant to the nearly eleven years James Joyce spent in Trieste: from the apartments in which he lived, to the places he used to frequent, from his family to the great literary works he finished or started in Trieste (such as the first three chapters of Ulysses), and his relationship with Svevo, the Trieste writer mentioned as one of the models on which Ulysses’s main character, Leopold Bloom, is based. As in Dublin, every year on 16 June the Joyce Museum celebrates Bloomsday, the day in which Ulysses is set.