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Italian Animation

Wednesday 25.05.2016
– Saturday 25.06.2016
Sala Umberto Veruda
Fotogramma per fotogramma/Frames by Frames The first stop of this exhibition dedicated to contemporary Italian animated films takes place concurrently with the Kino Otok Festival in Izola, and will be later presented at the Monstra Festival in Lisbon.
A journey across contemporary Italian animated film production. From classic animation design techniques – hence, from the Scuola del libro in Urbino – to Bologna and Florence, Rome, and to Parma and Pesaro where artists use photos, puppets and mixed techniques – all the way to the digital techniques used at the Experimental Cinematography Centre in Turin, Milan, Modena and Venice.
Opening Times: Mon-Sat 10.00-12.30 and 17.00-19.30; Sun 10.00-12.30
free admission.
Sala Umberto Veruda
passo costanzi
34100 Trieste