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Via Rossini Gioacchino
34100 Trieste
+39 040 675 88 96
Conserves and catalogues, safeguards and provides access to, the local heritage of images of Trieste and its surroundings from 1840 to the present. The collection brings together two complementary aspects of the city’s culture and society: the documentation work of the Museums, and collections by photographers and agencies of the last century. The 2,507,376 photographic images (excluding digital photographs) of the Historical collection that reports the activity of the museum’s photographic Laboratory, and 189,282 donated images are augmented by the archives of the Giornalfoto, De Rota, Foto Omnia di Ugo Borsatti photographic agencies, the Fondo Pepeu, and a collection from the United States Information Service (USIS), donated in stages from the Public Reading Room that was established immediately after the war by the Allied Military Government.