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Trieste Estate 2021

Tuesday 15.06.2021
– Friday 17.09.2021
Trieste Estate is back—the programme organised by the municipality of Trieste to liven up the summer nights in the city—offering music, theatre, film and much more, many of which in one of the most evocative and inspiring locations the city has to offer, the San Giusto Castle. Always a highlight of the Triestine summer calendar, this year the Castle will host two stages in the inner courtyard—the Cortile delle Milizie. These two stages are a physical symbol of the desire to revive and sustain the regular social, artistic and cultural life of the city following the hardships and challenges of the pandemic. As always, the Trieste Estate programme has been put together by artistic directors and includes evenings organised by the various theatres in the city, the ShorTS International Film Festival, TriesteLovesJazz, Trieste Summer Rock Festival, Hot in the City, #cinemanordest and TriesteOperettaFestival that have become regular fixtures, alongside offerings by the different regional institutions, cultural entities and associations, as well as professional local artists. And that’s not all, with additional events set to take place within the context of Trieste’s summer programme and which the council is proud to host as part of its commitment to reviving, supporting and promoting the many different sides of this city.
Happy Trieste Estate to everyone!

Giorgio Rossi
Councillor for Culture and Tourism