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Donatella Sommariva

Saturday 14.11.2020
– Saturday 19.12.2020
Donatella Sommariva transfers her delicate sensitivity on canvas and giving her personal interpretation of nature transforming each elements into a visionary and materical creation thanks to a rarefied overlapping of fluid brushstrokes but at the same time with incisive colors. In her oilpaintings emerge some evocative landscapes thanks to her personal vision and perception of the beauty of nature in an intimate dialogue with its.

The artworks present in the gallery are dedicated to her personal interpretation of autumn and to the nature’ changes in particular of its colors: reflections of light and colors similar to those we admire in front of the sunset or of the moon in a summer night or the rays of the sun that magically infiltrate into the foliage of the trees into the woods.
Donatella Sommariva lives and works in Lombardia (Italy) and she was originally an accessory stylist and then definitively immersed herself in applied and visual art. After attending to various painting schools and drawing courses in classical technique, her path has become that of an artist with an informal and instinctive technique.
Via Crispi, 28