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Euro Rotelli online exhibition

Wednesday 24.06.2020
– Tuesday 01.09.2020
EContemporary artgallery presents online exhibition by Euro Rotelli called “The Body and The Soul” that it will be follow on at the following link:

Rotelli in "The Body The Soul" emphasizes the unique art that enhances the body and which is expressed in the time and space, where the movements of the body strongly emanated the deep soul and the art of the dancer. The project, which lasted almost three years, has involved the principal dancers of the most important dance companies in the world. The dancers were photographed in their theaters or studios. Euro Rotelli in an interview said: "I was totally fascinated from these beautiful figures and I was involved in their charming world, so much that I felt so imperious a need to convey these emotions, reveal the aura and soul of these creatures”. The photographs of "The Body The Soul" are the result of a series of rework of photo shoots with Polaroid film, which is no longer manufactured for some years, in which the author has experimented original processes of development and printing without any intervention with computer. A series of shoots that that emphasized not only the movements, but especially the special color rendering. The project has been exhibited successfully in many prestigious venues such as: Madrid (Circulo de Bellas Artes), Ljubljana (Galerija Fotografija), Paris (Paris Photo), Rome (One Piece Art Gallery), Milan (MIA Fair), Zagreb (Museum Mimara for the Festival of dance and in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture), Passiarano (Villa Manin), Gelsenkirchen (music Theater).